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It makes zero sense for LeBron James to want to leave the Cavs for the LakersEvan Dammarell ·
Cavs news: LeBron James posts birthday tweet for Magic JohnsonVictor Galvez ·
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Cavs news: LeBron James tweets in appreciation of 1992 Dream Team on 25-year anniversaryKenny Honaker ·
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How many years does LeBron James have left?Darren Sharrer ·
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Magic Johnson congratulates LeBron James for snatching triple double recordBob Garcia IV ·
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Paul Pierce gives his take on why LeBron James would not be in his starting five, prefers Magic JohnsonBob Garcia IV ·
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Shaquille O’Neal says LeBron James is mix of himself, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Kobe BryantKenny Honaker ·
Shaquille O'Neal, LeBron James
Tyronn Lue comments on budding Cavaliers-Warriors rivalryKenny Honaker ·
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LeBron James breaks long-standing playoff records in Cavs sweep of PacersDamien Peters ·
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Cavaliers make NBA history and LeBron James breaks plethora of playoff records in Game 3Damien Peters ·
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