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Richard Jefferson hilariously clarifies viral 2016 Cavaliers title celebration with JR Smith, girlMike Cruz ·
LeBron James reflects on Cavs’ 2018 NBA Finals Game 1 loss in which he got ‘cheated’Quenton Albertie ·
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J.R. Smith slams Cavs as he reveals harsh reality behind 2018 Finals blunder vs. WarriorsPaolo Songco ·
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JR Smith wants to know if he can still get a pair of retro shortsJack Winter ·
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J.R. Smith is excited to be ‘free at last’ from CavsKenny Honaker ·
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Report: Cavs offered J.R. Smith to Warriors for Andre IguodalaBruno Manrique ·
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J.R. Smith’s 5 best moments with the CavsKenny Honaker ·
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Report: Cavs expected to waive-and-stretch J.R. SmithBruno Manrique ·
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J.R. Smith says Cleveland fans appreciate him more as a personPaolo Songco ·
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Could pushing J.R Smith’s contract guarantee back mean a Kevin Love trade is in the works?Sam Penix ·
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