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JR Smith gets brutally honest on what he ‘hated’ about Cavs stintAngelo Guinhawa ·
J.R. Smith drops truth bomb on star-studded 2016-17 WarriorsOwen Crisafulli ·
JR Smith, Cavs, Warriors
Donovan Mitchell’s full circle reaction to passing JR Smith for single-season Cavs record in 3-pointersQuinn Allen ·
Cavs, Donovan Mitchell, JR Smith
JR Smith reveals which Cavs teammate nearly got ‘killed’ by Stephen Curry during NBA FinalsPaolo Songco ·
Cavs, JR Smith, Stephen Curry
WATCH: Ex-Cavs stud JR Smith goes full Stephen Curry in epic workout clipPaolo Songco ·
Cavs, JR Smith, Stephen Curry
Cavs vet Kevin Love follows LeBron James in heaping praise on JR Smith for academic milestonePaolo Songco ·
Cavs, Kevin Love, LeBron James, JR Smith
JR Smith on LeBron James’ message to Cavs down 3-1 to Warriors in NBA FinalsAshish Mathur ·
Cavs, LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, JR Smith
JR Smith opens up about mistake during Game 1 of 2018 NBA FinalsAshish Mathur ·
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JR Smith loses it when he sees old handshakes in NBA 2K20Reid Goldsmith ·
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Kevin Love calls out fan downplaying JR Smith, says Cavs wouldn’t have a ring without himPaolo Songco ·
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