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Not having Timofey Mozgov could be taking a toll on Tristan ThompsonKenny Honaker ·
Kyrie Irving on comparing this season with last year's campaignKenny Honaker ·
Kyrie Irving
Kyle Korver dealing with foot soreness, ruled out vs PistonsKenny Honaker ·
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Cavs face injuries, LeBron James ready for the challengeKenny Honaker ·
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Report: Cavaliers management poised to make a moveKenny Honaker ·
Cavs Stars LeBron Kyrie Irving Kevin Love JR Smith
Kevin Love to receive second opinion on injured kneeKenny Honaker ·
Kevin Love, Cavs
Cavs send Chris Andersen and cash to Hornets for second-round pickKenny Honaker ·
chris andersen birdman
Cavs' Chris Birdman Andersen speaks on knee injury for first time since injuryDamien Peters ·
chris andersen birdman
Cavs, Chris Andersen's discussions regarding potential tradeAndrew Kennedy ·
chris andersen birdman
Cavs aggressively looking for trade partners for Chris AndersenVictor Galvez ·
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