Every high school player’s dream is for a professional player to come in, talk to them, and give them some pointers about the game. Well, a group of high school students at St. Ignatius High School will get that chance this year. Matt Goul of the Northeast Ohio Media Group reports that Zydrunas Ilgauskas will be joining the Wildcats this season as an assistant coach.

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“Zydrunas Ilgauskas’ children play youth basketball for Brian Becker’s brother. That connection led to Ilgauskas volunteering his services to the St. Ignatius program and coach, who returns this winter to the Wildcats bench.

“Ilgauskas brings with him 13 years of NBA experience, all but one season with the Cleveland Cavaliers. The 7-foot-3 center will coach part-time as a volunteer “when he can make it,” Becker said. Ilgauskas also will not be a fixture at games on the bench next to Becker.

“After his retirement after the 2010-11 season with the Miami Heat, Ilgauskas returned to Cleveland and worked in the Cavs’ front office. Becker said Ilgauskas expressed interest this summer in “getting back into the game” with his high school team.”

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According to Rory Fitzpatrick, the school’s athletic director, Ilgauskas will be voluntarily coming in a few days every week to help the team in all sorts of ways. Head coach Brian Becker talled about what role Ilgauskas will have with the team.

“Z probably knows a little more basketball than I do. I was an easy opportunity for him,” Coach Becker said of Ilgauskas. “I think it’s a right fit. My staff was basically set when I got this position in June, but you’re always looking to improve yourself.”

“He’s going to work with all levels. It’s kind of like he’ll be running mini-clinics and mini-camps. We’ll give him an hour or so to do his thing.”

With this, it seems that LeBron isn’t the only Cavalier who is looking