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Yahoo Sports Reports Disconnect Between LeBron James And Kyrie Irving

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The Cleveland Cavaliers season hit an unexpected low last night after the relatively healthy Cavs squad (without Mo Williams, but he hasn’t been in the rotation) lost to an extremely shorthanded Memphis Grizzlies team that came in and took a win from the Cavs.

A little over a week ago, after a pair of bad losses to the Raptors and Wizards, Stephen A. Smith came out and publicly said that Kyrie Irving was unhappy in Cleveland

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Of course, Irving reacted and refuted the rumors coming from Smith, saying that the media is always going to look for someone to blame or create rumors around.

Smith heard about Irving’s response, and of course, could not keep his mouth shut, adding to the comments he previously made that Irving already refuted.

Smith again started some rumors, this time about LeBron James and how the Cavs should not take him foo granted.

Now, after the inexcusable loss to Memphis, Chris Mannix of The Vertical and Yahoo Sports reports that there is clearly an issue in Cleveland, starting with it’s two leaders.

Irving remains a dynamic scorer, but the disconnect between Irving and James is real, several scouts and coaches told The Vertical, with the on-court chemistry between the two, said one scout who saw Cleveland play recently, “basically nonexistent.” Team sources insist the relationship is solid, that James is simply teaching, trying to raise Irving’s basketball IQ. No one understands Irving’s importance more than James, team sources told The Vertical, which is why no one is working harder than James to get the two All-Stars on the same page.

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With the Cavs struggling, rumors and reports are going to surface from every corner, but it’s hard to argue with some reports like this after their recent performances. The Cavs had a season-high 25 turnovers, and clearly didn’t seem interested in the game with the exception of the fourth quarter.

As Cavs fans, we know that the ONLY way to put these rumors to bed is to win. Winning cures everything, and with the Cavs on a potentially team-bonding trip out West, now is the time to come together as a unit and get it done one the basketball court.

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