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Winners And Losers Of The NBA Trade Deadline

Kamil Krzaczynski l USA TODAY Sports

Kamil Krzaczynski l USA TODAY Sports

Another year, another NBA trade deadline passed. The Cleveland Cavaliers made a move that was highly unpopular with the fans, but created an upgrade. Outside of that and the other bigger transactions from around the league, there simply weren’t enough “Woj-Bombs” dropped.

Today though, we’re not here to analyze the mediocre trades, or those that we really don’t know how they pan out until later into the season (I’m looking at you, Washington). We will be talking about trades that we can give a round of applause for and those that bombed, because looking at such teams is far more fun, so let’s start with those who ended up on the bitter end.


Chicago Bulls

Oh boy, do I love talking about how Chicago did poorly, and while I can’t rub my hands together and laugh in a menacing way over the whole situation, the Bulls did come out worse for wear after this deadline. Joakim Noah is rumored to be leaving the Bulls after next season, they still didn’t do anything to address the logjam at the front court, and they actually traded Kirk Hinrich, a solid rotation player for a third string point guard from Atlanta, Justin Holiday.

Neither the visions of finding Taj Gibson a new home in exchange for a fringe All Star, nor the backup plan of blowing it all up and rebuilding around Butler came to fruition. Chicago’s GM stated that he was disappointed with the outcome of this year’s deadline, which is never a good statement to hear from the man whose entire job is to make sure that deadline goes over well. This leaves the Bulls with exactly what they had before, a mess that head coach Fred Hoiberg can’t seem to sort out.

Nelson Chenault l USA TODAY Sports

Nelson Chenault l USA TODAY Sports

Houston Rockets

When rumors surface of you wanting to just cut a player, a former All Star at that, if you couldn’t find a suitable trade despite signing him this year, well, that just isn’t ever a good thing. When at the same time you’re trying to deal a former Defensive Player of the Year and no one is taking him, now you’ve really found yourself in a rut.

What’s that, you’re trading away what little young talent you have left? That would be the Rockets for you. At first, it would have been better for them to keep Donatas Motiejūnas even after his injury, so that you could have additional pieces to build around in the looming teardown, and that’s exactly what happened when the Pistons voided the trade with Houston. I really had higher hopes for Houston this year, unfortunately I have been proven very, very wrong.

Nelson Chenault l USA TODAY Sports

Nelson Chenault l USA TODAY Sports

Memphis Grizzlies

Picture every bad boy player in the league wearing a leather jacket and looking tough, and you’ll then have a team snapshot of the Memphis Grizzlies. The Grizzlies have successfully found a way to one up the Cavs and Kings for most toxic locker room in the NBA. They found a way to take Matt Barnes, Lance Stephenson, Chris Anderson, Tony Allen, and Zach Randolph, put them in the same room and just wait for whatever happens.

You know what, maybe I’ll be proven wrong. Each of these players have immense talent as individuals. Maybe they can channel all of that anger and pettiness into great basketball, or maybe I’m just super wrong on this one. The Grizzlies are definitely big losers at the deadline.

Kelley L Cox l USA TODAY Sports

Kelley L Cox l USA TODAY Sports

Ben McLemore

Poor Kid. He’s 23 and he’s pretty good. He was coveted by teams like Chicago, Cleveland, and Boston. Unfortunately for him, the Kings’ front office also realized that he’s 23 and pretty good. Maybe once his contract runs out someone better than Sacramento can offer him a contract. That would be really nice.

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