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Four years ago on July 8, 2010, LeBron James made the decision in a controversial nationally televised statement to leave his home team, the Cleveland Cavaliers, for the Miami Heat. LeBron’s decision infuriated Cavs fans and the city of Cleveland, leading many to burn his jersey and protest him at his future games. Despite the sour feelings he left in Cleveland, LeBron would go on to thrive in his new home.

In Miami, LeBron would reach a new level of superstardom and would lead the Heat to four NBA Finals appearances in a row and two back-to-back NBA Championships. During his time in Miami, LeBron also won two back-to-back NBA Regular Season MVP’s (2011-2012, 2012-2013), giving him a total of four. Michael Jordan received five in his career, but we will leave that comparison discussion for another day.

With so much accomplished in a short span of time, LeBron still has an extremely bright and lucrative future ahead of him. Recently LeBron chose to opt of his contract with the Miami Heat, which means that he is now a free agent. Many are unsure of what this means and some have speculated where he may go, with some even believing that he will return to Cleveland.


{adinserter 2} When LeBron was drafted in the 2003 NBA Draft by the Cleveland Cavaliers it was a special moment for both the city and LeBron as he grew up in Akron, Ohio, which is very close to Cleveland. During his time with the Cavs, LeBron won two NBA Regular Season MVP’s (2008-2009, 2009-2010) and even led the Cavs to their first ever NBA Finals appearance in 2007. Although the Cavs would go on to lose that series to the Spurs, their performance that season showed their true potential. LeBron was the hometown hero when he played for the Cavs and he meant everything to the city. This is why many Cavs fans felt so crushed and betrayed when LeBron left for Miami. The leave for LeBron from Cleveland was very bitter as the Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert even wrote a letter that was posted on the Cavs website calling LeBron a coward.

Fast forward four years later with two championships under LeBron’s belt and his free agency up in the air, feelings seemed to have changed. Some Cavs fans seem intrigued with the idea of LeBron’s return and even Dan Gilbert’s letter has been removed from the Cavs website. If LeBron were to leave Miami it would only be fitting that he returned home. The now nearly 30 year old LeBron has become a much more mature leader since he left Cleveland four years ago. Despite the rumors the question still remains, will LeBron return back home? Cavs Nation will just have to patiently wait for that answer.