The Cleveland Cavaliers are about to make a tough decision for the franchise’s future. Collin Sexton has been an up and coming player for the Cavs, but they may let him go due to cap space concerns. They are going to have to make this tough decision soon or they will have to pay him.

While Sexton is a great player there are many benefits to trading him away. Sexton is a great scorer but they have a player who is similar to him and under contract longer. The Cavs should look to trade Sexton to help them get ready for the future of the franchise.

Why the Cavs should trade Sexton

The Cavs have many things going on with the team right now and they should look to trade Sexton. With Kevin Love still on the roster it makes it tough to sign Sexton as well as other pieces. Rising star center Jarrett Allen may get extended in the off-season and he would be a better signing compared to Sexton. Darius Garland is a similar player to Sexton and he showed a ton of improvement last season.

Garland could step up even more with Sexton off the team and the Cavs would be in a better spot. Issac Okoro could also benefit with Sexton leaving the team.

If the Cavs get rid of Sexton they can focus on getting this team ready for the future.

While he is a good player it would force the Cavs to compete right away if they extended him as well. Trading him away will allow you to get future assets and build the team around the rest of the young core. Garland, Allen, and Okoro could all benefit from this. Sexton is a great player but an extension would put them in a tough spot financially and it would be smarter to trade him away.

How the young core could grow without Sexton

If Sexton is traded away it gives the rest of the Cavs team room to improve. Although taking out a great player is hard it also allows others to step up and progress. Garland could become a even better scorer and become an improved playmaker without Sexton. He has a ton of potential but hasn’t gotten a full opportunity to be the main ball handler with Sexton here. His potential could show next season and turn him into a near All-Star-level player.

Trading away Sexton could also help Okoro improve his game. Okoro ran small forward for the Cavs this season but he could also play shooting guard. He had a below average height of 6’5 at small forward last season and could play better at the guard spot.

Okoro would fit perfectly alongside Garland as the backcourt of the Cavs. They would still have a rim protector in Allen which would cement three solid pieces of the core.

The trade value for Sexton could be somewhat high and the Cavs should capitalize. He averaged a little over 24 points per game last season and could be a reliable scorer for a team that lacks guards.

The haul the Cavs could get back could also help them prepare for the future. They just need to find a solid young forward and bench depth to become a competitive team after trading away Sexton.

The Cavs should look to trade Sexton to help the franchise move in a new direction.