Mo Williams was signed by his former team, the Cleveland Cavaliers when the free agency period kicked in July 1st, 2015. The Cleveland Cavaliers signed Williams to a 2 year, $4.3 million dollar contract. The plan the Cavaliers had in place was for Mo Williams to back up all-star point guard Kyrie Irving. However, plans may drastically change. Kyrie Irving may be out until January of 2016. If this is the case than Mr. Mo Williams will have to step up and step up in a big way.

Mo Williams is fully capable of doing so. He is a former Cavalier and at one point was an all-star in his own right. Since his departure from the Cavaliers in 2010 Mo has been off the radar. With Kyrie being hurt this is sort of the perfect storm for Mo to solidify himself as a star in the NBA.

During the 2014-2015 Mo Williams averaged 14.2 points per game for both the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Charlotte Hornets. He had 18 games of at least 20 points, including a 31 point and a 52 point game. He accrued 10 or more assists 14 times last season, and totaled 13 double-doubles on the season. Williams also proved that he can play some heavy minutes last year when he played at least 30 minutes in 34 of a possible 68 games.

“I think one reason that Bron and the cavs are comfortable with bringing me back is because I’m a strong voice [in the locker room] and I have a strong personality,” said Williams. “At the end of the day, its all about bringing everybody together collectively for one goal. That’s kind of how my approach is.”

Mo coming back to this Cavs team could end up being the PERFECT STORM for him. Kyrie Irving suffered a pretty significant knee injury in last year’s NBA Finals. Mo is the perfect fit to replace him until he returns from injury. Mo can score the ball, pass and he is familiar with LeBron James’ style of play.

Even though he is a small forward LeBron likes to handle the ball like a point guard. Mo can play off the ball like a shooting guard as well so he should be able to flourish in Coach Blatt’s system. Of course training camp is one month away. Hopefully Mo can jump right back into things and give the Cavs the boost they need at the point guard position.

Check out offensive highlights of Mo Williams from the 2014-2015 NBA Season here: