The hype that surrounded last year’s Christmas day finals rematch between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors was, simply put, tremendous. No matter how hard some member of the Cavs tried to downplay the magnitude of the matchup, there was no denying that it was not an ordinary game.

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Despite the low scoring affair, the game did not disappoint true basketball aficionados because there were a lot of takeaways from that night. Obviously, the Warriors prevailed and the thirst on the part of the Cavaliers intensified. In a matter of hours, they will get another crack at the defending champions.

Once more, everyone have their attention fixed on another Cavs-Dubs matchup. The players are also expected to be already locked in on this one, but in one corner, a certain member of the Wine and Gold has his focus shifted on something outside of basketball.

In Joe Vardon’s article for, LeBron James shared how eager he is to finally get back…home, to his family.

“I haven’t seen my kids in 13 days, and that’s all I’m thinking about right now.”

“We ended this road trip, we took care of business and I get an opportunity to see my family and that’s what’s most important right now.”

“Obviously we’ve got a tough test on Monday against Golden State, but we’ve got two days in between that and I’m going to use it all with my kid.”

The Cavaliers recently concluded their longest road trip of the season. Six games in eleven days were in their itinerary over the past couple of weeks. Their trip was from coast to coast and it ended with the dreaded Texas Triangle affair, finishing with five wins and one loss.

One can only imagine how mentally stressful the long trip was for everyone on the team and finally being in the company of family certainly helps. It also speaks volumes on the kind of mature individual that LeBron James is right now.

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Maybe, at this point, this is just another game to him. But rest assured that when it’s time to lock in, he will be the first to make sure that everyone’s focus is only on the task at hand.