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Where Will They Be 5 Years From Now: The Cleveland Cavaliers In Year 2020

Brian Babineau | Getty Images

No one can tell the future but everyone can try and take a guess. We make things interesting, and fun, by giving out our own 5-year forecast on every player in the Cleveland Cavaliers roster. Will LeBron James deliver on his promise to bring a ring to The Land? Will Kyrie Irving be the best point guard in the NBA? How will Kevin Love fit in? Will Tristan Thompson add a new dimension to his game? Who will stay? Who will leave? We’ve added things up and predicted where and what they’ll be doing in 2020.

Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving will not yet have the looks of Uncle Drew but his game will be at its peak, making him the best point guard in the NBA ahead of Stephen Curry, John Wall, and Damian Lillard. He will have won at least one Finals MVP award and multiple All NBA First Team selections. He will not be good enough to crack the All Defensive team but his defense will rise to significant heights.

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