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No one can tell the future but everyone can try and take a guess. We make things interesting, and fun, by giving out our own 5-year forecast on every player in the Cleveland Cavaliers roster. Will LeBron James deliver on his promise to bring a ring to The Land? Will Kyrie Irving be the best point guard in the NBA? How will Kevin Love fit in? Will Tristan Thompson add a new dimension to his game? Who will stay? Who will leave? We’ve added things up and predicted where and what they’ll be doing in 2020.

Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving will not yet have the looks of Uncle Drew but his game will be at its peak, making him the best point guard in the NBA ahead of Stephen Curry, John Wall, and Damian Lillard. He will have won at least one Finals MVP award and multiple All NBA First Team selections. He will not be good enough to crack the All Defensive team but his defense will rise to significant heights.

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Tristan Thompson

Tristan Thompson will have been a consistent name atop the offensive rebounding leaderboards for years to come. His work ethic will drive him to further refine his game and he will have a consistent shot from 10-15 feet. He’s not going to earn any all star selections but he’ll remain an integral fixture of Cleveland’s rotation.

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Timofey Mozgov

Mozgov will no longer be a Cavalier by year 2020 as his athleticism will have declined at the age of 34 and the team will favor the younger and more tenacious big men – someone like Festus Ezeli and Alexis Ajinca. He’ll be a third string center but with good locker room value because of his work ethic and coach-ability.

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Kevin Love

Kevin Love will remain in Cleveland but his health will have cost him one season of significant absence. Love will never be the rebounding monster that he was in Minnesota but his three point shooting will improve as dictated by the style of play that the Cavaliers will employ. His defense will remain suspect but his commitment and some pointers from Anderson Varejao on how to take charges will be of great help.

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J.R. Smith

J.R. Smith will still remain a Cavalier due to his good relationship with LeBron James and his game will eventually mold itself to play the role that Mike Miller and James Jones have right now. He will be that reliable veteran shooter who knows the spots on the floor where James usually finds his guy. His mentality will continue its maturity and he will be one of those success stories of player turnarounds.

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Iman Shumpert

Shumpert will be in his peak form come 2020 and he will be thriving in his role as the Cavaliers’ starting shooting guard. He’ll be one of the most reliable three-and-D players in the league and will have earned himself a 2nd team All Defense selection along the way.

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LeBron James

The King, who will be 35 years old by that time, will have won 3 championships for Cleveland. James will be looking to overtake Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant in the all-time scoring leaderboard. His MVP totals will be 5 by that time. But the most interesting change will be his choice of attack as he will become a more frequent post up player.

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Anderson Varejao

Varejao will have retired in 2020 after spending his entire career as a Cleveland Cavalier. He will be spending his post-NBA life back in his home country of Brazil but there will always be the itch within him which could prompt The Wild Thing to either coach in his country or become a big man coach for Cleveland.

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Matthew Dellavedova

The gritty boomer will no longer be a Cavalier by 2020. After a decent run as Kyrie`s backup, Delly will become a good trade chip which will force him out of Cleveland and he will have to find his niche again in another address.

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James Jones

Jones will have retired before 2020 and he would have taken his high IQ to hone his coaching skills in college or become a shooting coach in the NBA. Another alternative for Jones lies behind the broadcast table.

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Mike Miller

Mike Miller will have retired by this point and he`ll be living outside the NBA limelight to focus on his family life. Being the likeable guy that he is, he`ll still be invited to participate in All Star events such as the Shooting Stars challenge.

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Kendrick Perkins

The hard nosed bruiser will have retired at this point and will focus on his family life and away from the spotlight. He’ll be writing a book about being an enforcer in the NBA.

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Brendan Haywood

Brendan Haywood is another player who is poised to have retired in 2020. However, his sense of humor will earn him a gig within the team over at TNT guarding Shaq around the set.

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Joe Harris

“Joey Hoops” will have become a poor man`s Wally Szczerbiak and he will already be quite the journey man with his cap friendly contract and always essential shooting ability.