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What Life Would Be Like With Andrew Wiggins And Without Kevin Love


With a Cleveland team led by LBJ/Kyrie/Wiggins, the Cavs would have probably won more games in the regular season than with Love. Wiggins is a proven scorer and defender, which would have been valuable during the 7 game stretch that LeBron rested. Had Wiggins stayed healthy throughout the course of the season, he would have had a huge impact on the Cavs in the playoffs. Although the Cavs got to the Finals with relative ease, Wiggins could have helped the Cavs win maybe an additional game in the Bulls series.

With Wiggins on the team, opponents would have to focus on a three headed attack in Wiggins/LBJ/Kyrie, and there are pretty much no teams that can shut down 3 great scorers. Wiggins would also give the Cavs an additional piece in the Finals against the Warriors, who boast an All-Star backcourt in Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. While the Cavs may likely still win the Finals with LeBron carrying the team, Wiggins would have made it easier. This is all assuming that Wiggins is less prone to injury than K. Love.

With all of this being said, Kevin Love contributed so much to the Cavs success this season. Looking back, the Cavs still made a pretty good trade, in their “win now” mentality. Also, despite losing Love for the postseason and Kyrie for a good chunk, the Cavs still made it to the Finals with ease. Now comes the true test, as the Cavs face the Warriors, led by the league MVP Stephen Curry. This on-going debate of Wiggins vs. Love will go on for years, but no one will really know for certain which route would have been better. For the Cavs, they would have been successful this season regardless of which choice they made.

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