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What Life Would Be Like With Andrew Wiggins And Without Kevin Love


With Wiggins starting in LeBron’s traditional SF position, LeBron would shift down to PF. This would have changed Blatt’s gameplan significantly. With a bigger, slower defender on him, Blatt and the coaching staff would have had LeBron attack his defender from the high post and driving to the rim, where LeBron’s combination of speed and strength reign supreme against anyone else. On defense, though, is where LeBron would have to exert a lot of energy. Although he is quick, he does not have the defensive ability to guard bigs in the post throughout an entire season. This would make the Cavs very vulnerable in the post. On the perimeter, the Cavs would see a very solid defense with Kyrie, Wiggins, and another G/F in the backcourt. Wiggins would only push Kyrie to get better on the defensive end, and it would pay off. Kyrie and Wiggins would arguably be the best backcourt in the NBA.

Here is where the Kyrie/LBJ/Wiggins led Cavs would get scary- Athleticism. Kyrie, LeBron, and Wiggins are all freakish athletes. Could you imagine the three of them, along with Thompson and Shump running a fast-break? They would be unstoppable. Any of the five would be a threat to score. Back on defense, Wiggins could guard any player from the opposing team from PG to PF due to his 6’11” height and crazy-quick footwork. This would have also given Kyrie an easier assignment, as Wiggins would mainly guard the best player on the opposing team while Kyrie guards the other guard.

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