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What Life Would Be Like With Andrew Wiggins And Without Kevin Love


If the Cavs did not make the trade for Love, they would have gone into the season with Wiggins and Bennett on the roster. First of all, it’s a given that Wiggins would be untouchable unless a star were to be suddenly available via trade. Bennett, on the other hand, is quite the opposite. With Wiggins on the team, who is an above-average defender, scorer, and ball handler, the Cavs would have potentially had Delly, Bennett, and Waiters all available for trade. This poses the question: would the Cavs had made the trades for Iman Shumpert, J.R. Smith, and Timofey Mozgov had they not traded for K. Love? The answer would most likely be yes. Here’s why.

Although Wiggins possesses traits of Shump’s elite defense and J.R.’s knack for scoring, he could only do so much as a rookie with no experience in the NBA. Additionally, the Cavs front office had been interested in both Shumpert and Mozgov for quite some time. It seems very likely that the Cavs would have still traded for Shump and Smith (whom the Knicks packaged together after a troublesome start to the season) to bolster their bench, even with Wiggins on the roster. The Cavs likely would have made a similar trade to the one they made in early January, when they packaged Alex Kirk and Lou Amundson to the Knicks and Dion Waiters to the Thunder, while receiving Shump and J.R. in return.

Had they not traded for Kevin Love, the Cavs front office would have still searched for another big to join Double T. and Andy. Mozgov probably would not have been available at the beginning of the season, but another player that the Cavs were interested in might have been on the trade block: Marresse Speights. Although Speights is more known for his offense, his defense is underrated. Additionally, with Varejao still healthy and Double T on the roster, the Cavs would have only asked Speights to come off the bench and provide good defense and complimentary offense, a role similar to the one he had last year with the Cavs and the one he has now with the Warriors.

A trade of Bennett and a first round pick would have likely sealed the deal. With Wiggins on the roster, Delly could have very likely been included in the trade so the Cavs could balance out the roster a bit. This would allow the Cavs to keep one of the two first round picks that they traded to Denver for Mozgov.

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