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What Life Would Be Like With Andrew Wiggins And Without Kevin Love

When the Cavs drafted Andrew Wiggins with the first pick in the 2014 NBA draft, they were prepared to build their franchise around him and Kyrie Irving. They had no idea that LeBron James would want to return home. LeBron changed everything. The Cavs knew that LeBron wanted to win, now, so they packaged the players they drafted from their prized first overall picks in 2013 and 2014 and sent them to the Minnesota Timberwolves in exchange for an All-Star, Kevin Love. Although some said that Love would have issues transitioning into playing with other stars, he proved them wrong for the most part. Love’s post defense was bad, at times, but also better than many expected. Its uncertain if Love will opt out of his contract this summer, and it is also uncertain if he will re-sign with the Cavs. This makes many Cavs fans wonder, was the trade worth giving up Andrew Wiggins? We predict was life would have been like if the Cavs kept Wiggins in five different phases. We start with the first phase, personnel on the team.


With Wiggins on the roster, Coach Blatt and the Cavs would have most likely opted for a starting lineup consisting of Kyrie at the point, Miller at shooting guard position, Wiggins at the small forward, LeBron at the power forward, and Varejao as the man in the middle. That would leave the bench consisting of Dion Waiters, Shawn Marion, Tristan Thompson, Joe Harris, Matthew Dellavedova, Anthony Bennett, Brendan Haywood, and James Jones. The Cavs would have preferred to start Wiggins because having him come off the bench would have been a waste of his talents (especially with him being drafted as the number one pick in the draft).

With that being said, either Miller or Waiters would have started at the shooting guard position and this allows for LeBron to start at PF. Although he doesn’t like playing much at the four-spot, he would have a quickness advantage and the Cavs would have had a very solid backup big in Thompson to come off the bench. The second unit would most likely consist of some combination of Delly, Waiters, Harris, Bennett, and Thompson. In this case, the reasoning for having a scoring guard like Waiters come off the bench would be to keep the scoring at a high level even when LeBron, Wiggins, and Kyrie are resting.

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