“The Shot:” Kyrie Irving‘s moment in time that will forever be remembered in NBA history.

Some of you may have (painfully) witnessed Michael Jordan‘s famous shot over Craig Ehlo in Game 5 of the 1989 Eastern Conference Playoffs (we won’t get into that right now). Some of you may have grown up watching Robert Horry and Ray Allen knocking down clutch shots throughout their respective careers. However, “The Shot” may be the greatest of them all.

When Irving pulled up and nailed his now-famous three-pointer over Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry with 54.9 seconds remaining in Game 7 of last year’s NBA Finals, it seemed the entire city of Cleveland erupted in cheers.

Adversely, Golden State fans were left in disbelief and shock when Irving’s shot went in. As their emotions began to pour out, several heart-broken Warriors fans in attendance at Oracle Arena were caught in an epic image.


You can truly see the utter devastation on their faces.

As most of you know by now, the Cavs went on to defeat the Warriors in epic come-from-behind fashion (down three games to one). In an article from Joe Vardon of www.cleveland.com, Irving shed light on how his famous shot has changed his life, saying:

Yes, my life’s changed drastically. It’s kind of, you’re waiting for that validation from everyone, I guess, to be considered one of the top players in the league at the highest stage. That kind of changed. I was just trying to earn everyone’s respect as much as I could.”