Throughout the Eastern Conference playoffs, Kevin Love has been an excellent weapon for coach Tyronn Lue with his rare offensive skillset. Thanks to his superb outside shooting, elite rebounding, solid post play, and good passing, LeBron James and Kyrie Irving were able to conserve gas that was eventually used when they went full throttle in the finals.

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His defense has always been a question, and a favorite target of critics, but when it mattered most, Love orchestrated the biggest defensive stance in franchise history. However, this did not stop the naysayers from speculating his departure from Cleveland.

But in an episode of ESPN’s Mike and Mike, coach Tyronn Lue reiterated Love’s secure status as a member of the team.

The fact that the Golden State Warriors always posed a matchup problem for Kevin Love is already a given, that’s why his Game 7 effort was indeed commendable as he proved that he has what it takes to keep up with Steve Kerr’s small ball attack.

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If Love has finally gotten that particular puzzle solved, or at least has an idea of a workaround, then that only solidifies his importance as a member of the team. He may struggle from time to time in certain matchups, but his presence against most opponents works tremendously for Cleveland’s cause.