Both selected in the top 10 of the 2011 NBA Draft, Tristan Thompson and Bismack Biyombo also share very similar playing styles. See ball, get ball. Nothing more, nothing less.

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While Thompson has already made a name for himself in the league in terms of rebounding, Biyombo is only starting to emerge in this year’s playoffs – thanks to the absence of Jonas Valanciunas.

In the Toronto Raptors’ biggest home game, thus far, in franchise history, the native of Congo dominated, not just Thompson, but the entire Cavs front line off the glass. He caromed 26 rebounds en route to setting a franchise record for most boards in game.

In this FOX Sports Ohio video, Thompson gave his thoughts on his paint rival’s performance.

The Cleveland Cavaliers had no answer for Bismack Biyombo and his effort played a huge role in the Raptors’ 99-84 victory.Thompson himself grabbed eight total rebounds, which was quite modest. But Biyombo’s performance made it seem futile.

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If Thompson’s feeling that way, then he has another motivation for himself when these two teams meet again Monday night for Game 4.