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VIDEO: Tristan Thompson Makes Andre Drummond Throws His Teammates Under The Bus

Tristan Thompson had a great Game 3 for the Cavs, putting up just eight points and 10 rebounds, but also had two blocks and eight offensive rebounds on the night, giving the Cavs second chances to score over and over again.

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His matchup, Andre Drummond finished with 17 points, seven rebounds, and two blocks. When it came down to it, however, Drummond was on the bench for much of the fourth quarter after the Cavs began intentionally fouling him with the Pistons trying to come back from an 11 point deficit.

Drummond is undoubtedly a leader for the Pistons alongside Reggie Jackson, but his comments after the game sort of say otherwise. He made some valid points, but he also sort of threw his teammates under the bus went asked about Thompson’s offensive rebounding.

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