After the results for the ‘Most Valuable Player’ award were announced and Stephen Curry became the NBA’s first ever unanimous MVP winner. Not a single first-place vote came to Kawhi Leonard, LeBron James, Russell Westbrook, or Kevin Durant.

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LeBron James was asked about Curry winning the award unanimously, and he spoke about how he felt regarding the award, saying Stephen Curry was easily deserving as he helped lead his team to a record 73 wins while leading in multiple statistical categories. However, after the Warriors won a few playoff games without him, was he really the most VALUABLE player in the NBA?

Stephen Curry was apparently asked about this at Warriors practice on Friday, and he responded by saying “he’s learned to ignore people.”

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Huh? What is there to ignore? LeBron clearly said Steph was fully deserving of the award, so either the question wasn’t asked well by a reporter or Curry didn’t hear the full answer.