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VIDEO: Sam Amico Reveals How League Executives Don’t Want To Sleep On Cavs In Playoffs

The popular perception towards the Cleveland Cavaliers’ performance this season is not one that would make an owner who invested hundreds of millions of dollars, or fans who have endured heartbreak after heartbreak, smile from ear to ear.

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But the demographic which has the most valuable and deepest insights when it comes to weighing different teams’ chances is that of NBA executives. In this FOX Sports Ohio video, Sam Amico revealed how some individuals that belong to this group see the Cavs as a very strong contender amidst all the criticisms thrown at the team.

The thing with any LeBron James team is that every smoke people see from his camp, they will immediately look for any angle that could be used to start a fire, however farfetched it may be. But what’s funny is that while they find it easy to focus on speculations, they simply shrug facts that are against their storylines.

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Time and again, James has proven that he takes his game to another level when the playoffs start. The Cavaliers, on the other hand, also possess one of the deepest lineups in the entire league. Whatever’s keeping them from looking like a championship caliber team at this point is only mental. And there’s no reason why they can’t, or won’t, flip the switch when it’s time for business.

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