Everybody wants to be like “Mike”, but we all know he’s not the GOAT for nothing. However, there is still hope for those trying to find someone to pattern their game; Kyrie Irving.

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It’s not an easy task by itself with array of moves in Irving’s arsenal, but the YouTube channel By Any Means Basketball has started the DIY assistance by breaking down the Cleveland Cavaliers star point guard’s most deadliest weapon – his handles.

Irving probably owns one of the best, if not the best, dribbling skills in the entire NBA. His offensive game is flawless and it’s difficult for opponents, even the best of defenders, to lockdown the slippery point guard.

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Right now, Kyrie Irving is set to showcase his skills in front of a world audience at the Rio Olympics, and opposing point guards better be prepared to see themselves on the receiving end of a “killer crossover”.