As the popular notion stands, LeBron James will be taking over the vacuum left by Michael Jordan in the classic movie franchise Space Jam.

Although Warner Bros. has not released anything official as of yet, all signs point to the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar getting the role. However, that won’t stop speculations from sprouting left and right.

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Michael Jordan had already mentioned his personal choice, and a surprising one at that, in Blake Griffin. Now, another name is thrown into the mix courtesy of Muggsy Bogues. In the Charlotte Observer video below, the league’s most diminutive player ever gave his vote to recent retiree Kobe Bryant.

It’s a safe bet that before James’ name was thrown into the mix, many fans pondered on the thought of Bryant spearheading the movie sequel. The Los Angeles Lakers great is recognized by many as the closest that could be compared to Michael Jordan in terms of playing style and their on-court mentality.

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But all these options can lead to naught based on the breadcrumbs that everyone have been given these past months. It would take an extremely drastic twist, and a PR dilemma, if LeBron James do not end up with the role.

Muggsy Bogues was part of the original Space Jam cast back in 1997.