LeBron James finished with 28 points, nine rebounds, and five assists but couldn’t help the Cavs hold their late-game lead over the Grizzlies. Along with that, he also added four turnovers to the Cavs 25 total turnovers.

Four Cavs players had at least four turnovers on the night (James, Kevin Love, Matthew Dellavedova – 4 each, Kyrie Irving – seven). Sloppy and careless ball-handling led the Cavs to a dismal game for three quarters, before they were finally awake and got back in the game late in the fourth.

Of course, that wasn’t enough as the Grizzlies came back to retake the lead in a few seconds later. After the game, James spoke with members of the media regarding the Cavs’ bad loss to the Grizzlies.

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“25 turnovers for 30 points, I don’t care who you’re playing. You can play my son’s little league team and you’re going to lose when you give up that many points off of turnovers and some carelessness.

“We’re a team that’s still learning. It’s another learning experience for us.”

What’s a little different and surprising is that after watching and ripping some of his team’s efforts early in the season, James has changed his tone and is now looking to get his guys back on track every time. Maybe it’s the realization that no one can be as hungry as the Golden State Warriors. Maybe this team is getting a little bored with the regular season and wants the postseason to be here already. Still, watch as LeBron James gives his takes on the Cavs struggles and offers solutions to the inconsistent play.