Yesterday, LeBron James did something that no other pro-athlete has ever been able to do. He signed a lifetime deal with Nike, which means that we’ll be seeing LeBron’s shoes on the streets long after his retirement.

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“For myself, for my family, for my friends, for my fans, its something that’s very emotional for myself. Its the journey that we’ve been on for so long. We all are a part of this. Its not just my family, not just my friends, not just my fans, you guys have been with me from the beginning.

“I’m very humbled, I’m very blessed, I never thought this day would ever come about.

“I just think back to them taking a chance on a 17 year old skinny kid from Akron, Ohio.”

Then, James took us to the shoe that started it all off for him, the LEbron Zoom Generation I.

“Here it is, LeBron Zoom Generation I. This is where it all started. This, right here, is where it all started. 18 year old coming into the league and having hte opportunity to have my own signature shoe which i never, ever thought would be possible.”

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Watch as LeBron speaks about the deal and takes you through an exclusive tour of hit shoe closet.