First it was Dahntay Jones, and now it’s LeBron James responding to questions regarding “locker-room talk.”

There has been a whirlwind of drama surrounding the Republican presidential campaign over the past week after a disgusting video of former Access Hollywood host Billy Bush interviewing Donald Trump leaked where the 2016 Republican presidential candidate essentially self-promotes sexually assaulting women.

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After apologizing for the tape, Trump tried to explain the way he spoke in the tape, calling it “locker-room talk,” meaning that’s what guys in sports talk about in the locker room before and/or after a game.

Dahntay Jones responded to that explanation on Tuesday, saying Trump could not be more wrong. After Wednesday’s practice, it was LeBron James’ turn to field a question regarding the topic.

James, who publicly endorsed the Democratic candidate for president, Hillary Clinton, didn’t refer to Trump by name, instead calling him “that guy.”

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If we’re being honest, these players who live very luxurious lives very likely do discuss women; that is one thing. However, bragging about sexually assaulting women because they’ve achieved a certain “star” status is something entirely different.

Dahntay Jones had this to say about what Trump called “locker-room talk.”

“We talk about all types of different issues. We talk about politics, we talk about basketball, we talk about women,” says Jones. “But we never make the conversation about making sexual advances at women, taking advantage of women. Those are just things that doesn’t go on in our locker rooms.

“There are conversations that we have amongst men that’s never in that tone or never insensitive as that tone was. Women are a topic for men in general but it’s not in that direction. And it just wasn’t fair to characterize what goes on in our locker room.”