Early this week, Anderson Varejao signed a deal with the Golden State Warriors after being traded by the Cleveland Cavaliers. He spoke with members of the media regarding his new team and the love they have for one another.

“I played with Marreese Speights, Barbosa, Shaun Livingston and Luke Walton,” Varejao said. “I know how special Steph (Curry) is, and Klay (Thompson) and Draymond (Green) and (Andre) Iguodala – everybody.”

“… I’m glad I came here, because I can tell they love each other. That’s what it’s about. When you want to win, you have to be like they are. Friends that have fun out there, have fun in the locker room. I’ve been here for a couple hours, but I can tell. I can tell this group, they love each other.”

Not much was thought of the comment until you further look into it, and Cleveland.com’s Joe Vardon brought up the fact that Varejao said they ‘love each other’ so much, that he was almost implying that the Cavs may not be as close as the Warriors are.

LeBron James was asked if there was a chemistry issue here in Cleveland.

“No,” said James simply.

James then responded when asked about the Warriors loving each other with a 50-5 record.

“I would hope…if you’re 50-5 that everyone loves each other, I mean, s—,” James said. “What else do you want at that point? Duh. Anybody could say that. Stevie Wonder could say that.”

Watch James’ full and hilarious response to the questions regarding Varejao and the Warriors.