It has been quite the week for LeBron James. He’s had radio interviews where he opens up about the Finals and his first movie premier in his hometown of Akron, Ohio. On Tuesday night, he made a rare appearance on the Tonight show with Jimmy Fallon to talk about his kids, his movie ‘Trainwreck,’ gave Fallon one of his brand new LeBron 12 Lows Trainwreck PE shoes, and play one of Fallon’s fun post-interview games.

LeBron 12 Low's

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LeBron introduced his new shoes and even gave Fallon a pair! The special LeBron 12s were made for his movie ‘Trainwreck,’ and will be released soon.

Fallon introduced a new game to the show, ‘Faceketball,’ where LeBron and Jimmy had to wear headbands attached to mini basketball hoops. Each person had to score and the first player to reach three was the winner. You can see the funny video for yourself below.