LeBron James unfollowed the Cavs and a few of their national reporters on Monday and created a media firestorm. Of course, everything James does creates a media firestorm nowadays, and the most criticized athlete of our time continues to take on heavy scrutiny for living the way any of us would.

In an 82-game grind, you’re going to have some bad losses. You’re going to want to see friends and family, some even being players. It’s not chill mode, but its a mode that will preserve LeBron for the postseason.

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According to LeBron James, however, that mode has left the building, and he is now entering his Zero Dark 23 mode, where he tones out all the social media negativity in favor of a focus on one thing: the NBA Playoffs.

With the Cavs only one game ahead of Toronto in the standings and a pretty favorable schedule, LeBron knows he’s going to have to help the Cavs win as many as they can before he and the starters rest some games down the stretch. His first game since entering that mode? 33 points, 11 rebounds, and 11 assists in a 124-91 drubbing on the Denver Nuggets.

After that game, James talked about his switching to playoff mode a little earlier than he’s usually had to.

“I have [started to turn the playoff mode]. A little bit sooner than normal, but you know I understand that it’s right around the corner and I want to start mentally preparing myself for the distance. So mentally I’m just being a little more sharper-minded as of late, just gearing toward it, dnderstanding that it’s right around the corner and it’s going to be very, very challenging.”

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To end his interview, James had one message for teams who aren’t going to respect the Cavs’ 50-20 East-leading record.

“They better [respect us], or they’ll lose.”

Watch James’ full interview below.