Team USA was put on its heels by a determined Australian team tonight in Rio, but when the game neared its closing, the one who knows how to take big shots had to take over.

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Enter Kyrie Irving. The United States’ court general was playing well the entire game, but his mastery was put on display best in the fourth quarter. Irving scored 12 of his 19 total points in the final period capped by his final field goal which seemed reminiscent of another epic shot he had made about two months ago.

With Team USA only ahead by four, Irving channeled his “inner Mamba” once more with this eerily familiar backbreaking shot.

Meanwhile, here’s that big time shot in Game 7 of the finals over none other than Stephen Curry.

It’s no secret that Kyrie Irving was almost a Boomer, had coach Mike Krzyzewski not talked it over with his former point guard at Duke University.

Team USA remains unbeaten, although they might be shaken. But ultimately, thank heavens for Kyrie Irving.