Kyle Lowry is known to be someone who never lacks confidence. Others may see it as pure cockiness, but the All Star point guard has been that way since his early years.

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After the Toronto Raptors’ Game 7 win over the Miami Heat, piloting them to the first conference finals appearance in franchise history, the brash attitude was on display as Lowry took a subtle jab at their next opponent’s top dog, LeBron James. Fast forward to about a minute into the interview.

These words may be something that Lowry would soon regret. LeBron James has taken a significant amount of rest in the playoffs and that certainly plays into the Cavs’ favor. When needed, the Raptors may just witness the playoff-mode James that his opponents have learned to fear.

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He may have just added more fuel to motivate LeBron James, and that could very well be his front row ticket.