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Video: Kyle Korver speaks at brother Kirk’s funeral

Kyle Korver

It has been a tough time for Kyle Korver and his family of late, as they continue to mourn the sudden death of Kyle’s younger brother, Kirk Korver. On Monday, the Cleveland Cavaliers shooting guard delivered a tearful eulogy during his brother’s funeral.

Here are some parts of Korver’s eulogy, via Aaron Young of the Des Moines Register:

“We say in our family all the time: ‘How do you make it without Jesus?’ How do you make it without the hope that he gives? How do you make it without faith?'” Kyle, the oldest of the Korver siblings and current guard for the Cleveland Cavaliers, told scores gathered inside Third Reformed Church in Pella. “Faith is real. We have faith.

“Kirk had faith.”

Korver also spoke about how Kirk was inspired by their parents while dealing with the eventual cause of his death.

“You two,” Kyle said braced with emotion, “are so good. And you have thrown the seed and you have lived out a faith that’s caught and not taught in this church for 25 years. Harvest has come, and much more is coming. … We are grateful for you. Kirk is grateful for you. … But it’s going to be different. There is a before and an after, there is.

“But you will always have four sons,” Kyle continued, standing beside Klayton and Kaleb. “You will always have four.”

Kyle Korver has missed the last four Cavs games, including Tuesday’s matchup with the Miami Heat. It remains unclear how soon he can rejoin the team, but assuming he will miss Thursday’s outing against the Charlotte Hornets, the soonest he could play for the Cavs will be this coming Friday at home versus the New Orleans Pelicans.

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