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VIDEO: Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love Acknowledges Rockets’ Defensive Adjustment In The Fourth Quarter

LeBron James sat out last night’s home game against the Houston Rockets and became helpless as he watched his Cleveland Cavaliers’ meltdown under pressure, 106-100. Sans James, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love were expected to capitalize on the opportunity to prove that they can carry the team even on a broken wagon.

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Everything seemed to be going well for the good guys as they finished the third quarter holding a 13-point advantage, 84-71. But Houston made the necessary adjustments on defense as they mellowed down Irving and Love in the deciding quarter.

In this FOX Sports Ohio postgame interview, Kevin Love acknowledged how the Rockets beat them in the final 12 minutes.

Irving and Love finished with 31 and 13 points, respectively, but the opponents cranked up the defensive intensity late in the game, diligently swarming the Cavs’ two All Stars every time they touched the ball. As a result, Irving took only four shots while Love was surprisingly held to a single attempt from the field.

Irving also talked about what the Rockets did down the stretch to make the Cavs work even more for their shots.

It was another session in the classroom for the Cavs and their two All Stars. Hopefully, they’ve had enough of being schooled. Time to take over.

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