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Video: Kevin Durant tries to copy LeBron James’ and-1 flex

LeBron James is a beast willing the ball in the basket in the paint, and if you don’t believe he’s still got it, just check out any of these videos of opponents trying to hold him down unsuccessfully. When James drives to the basket like the unstoppable force he is, opposing players bear hug and grab him in an attempt to stop the shot from going in. That almost never works, and LeBron shows off his muscles every time he scores a tough and-1 by flexing towards the crowd.

In Wednesday night’s matchup between the Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Lakers, forward Kevin Durant drove to the basket and scored on a tough and-1 attempt. Like LeBron, Durant flexed to the crowd in an attempt to show off his guns. It didn’t look quite as good as LeBron’s though…

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