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VIDEO: Cavs Fan Ends Up With A Celebration Gone Very Wrong

It has always been a wild “what if” when talking about athletes getting injured while celebrating. With all the carefree jumping in the midst of others doing the same, the possibility of a bad landing can never be discounted.

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Cleveland Cavaliers fan, Bruce Twersky, may have accidentally saved the livelihood of these millionaire athletes at the expense of his own ankle.

When the Cavs players started to run on the court after the final buzzer in Oakland, Bruce, like everyone of us, celebrated as well. But his version took it to another level because, akin to a classic LeBron James dunk, he did it with no regard for human bones. In this case, his own.

Credit goes to Deadspin for sharing this championship celebration with a twist like no others. And for those interested, Bruce will be on crutches for the time being.

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