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Vegas’ consensus opinion on NBA MVP is LeBron James

lebron james

Despite putting up ridiculous numbers in another incredible regular season campaign, the Most Valuable Player the league has ever seen may be on the outside looking in during the MVP voting yet again this season.

The Oklahoma City Thunder’s Russell Westbrook and the Houston Rockets’ James Harden are getting all the plaudits, and although both have been extraordinary, LeBron James is getting short-changed yet again. James may have had the best individual season, numbers wise, of his career, and crazily enough, he still sits third or maybe fourth in many individual’s MVP ladder of likelihood to take home the award.

It’s hard to imagine a player who averaged 26 points, eight rebounds, and eight assists whilst shooting 54% from the field get underappreciated, but that’s exactly what James has become after his sustained greatness for as long as we can remember. Not to mention the Cavaliers were winless without him this season going 0-8 when he didn’t suit up. Needless to say, the kid from Akron’s MVP consideration has been minuscule compared to the other candidates.

Whilst the NBA world may be marveling at Westbrook and Harden, Vegas has other ideas, so much so, the Vegas consensus opinion on the NBA MVP is none other than James himself.

Countless NBA fans and personalities alike look at the Vegas odds as a good gauge of the outcome of future events, and this is bound to get a lot of people’s attention.

The King however has already forgotten about the regular season as his dominance during the first-round of the postseason has seen him climb the all-time playoff ladders and achieve more NBA history for himself.

In the grand scheme of things, whether he wins the MVP award or not matters little to him if he helps the Wine and Gold lift the NBA championship again come June.

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