With his third and most captivating championship yet, LeBron James has changed his critics’ rhetoric for them. Ultimately, fans and critics unalike commend James’ undeniable athleticism. In one of the more sporty summers in recent memory, the King’s throne has stood out in great company. ESPY titles and viral social media movements have polished what are now globalized accomplishments by LeBron James.

With the 2016 Olympics in full swing, athletes and coaches from all games relish excellence together. For coach Javier Garcia-Cuesta, the goal should be to recruit it. Specially, for James to join the U.S. National handball team.

Now, this is a true complement. Handball rocks. LeBron James rocks. Garcia-Cuesta might’ve just found his next star, whom he believes only needs “maybe six months” to become the greatest in the World.

“This is just a hypothetical. He has everything. When you see him playing, your mouth drops.” – Coach Javier Garcia-Cuesta via Washington Post

LeBron is no stiff when it comes to areas unknown. Balancing school and the future of basketball with an all-American high school football opportunity is where it started. Making it as an odd but funny actor will complete his resume with the versatility of a true Deion Sanders. But, in all seriousness, LeBron James is more than ready for handball. Garcia-Cuesta might even by insulting his intelligence. Six months? Can anyone in handball do this?

James Harden should really try fencing, and no one can deny that Steph Curry would’ve made Harry Potter’s life in Hogwarts Quidditch even harder (pardon the blatant, marathon-induced pun). Therefore, is it really wrong to crosscheck skill sets between sport or is it just territorial? At 31, James now chases a ghost that played for Chicago, but not just in sport.