At the age of 31, Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James is showing no signs of deterioration; he’s apparently going in the opposite direction.

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James is used to overcoming the notion of normality and now, Cavs head coach Tyronn Lue has suggested that the star may be able to defy the athlete’s ultimate conqueror – age.

“He had a chance to get tested this summer and they said he had a body of a 19-year-old,” Lue said, per ESPN’s Dave McMenamin. “Maybe he’s getting younger: Benjamin Button. I don’t know. Who knows?”

The Ringer’s Bill Simmons previously recalled when James’ business partner Maverick Carter described the three-time NBA champion’s lifestyle.

And he’s like, “Well, he’s replicated the gym that whatever team — whether it was Miami or Cleveland — he’s replicated all the equipment they have in the team’s gym in his house. He has two trainers. Everywhere he goes, he has a trainer with him.” I’m paraphrasing what he told me, so I might not be getting all these facts right. He’s got chefs. He has all the science of how to sleep. All these different things. Masseuses. Everything he does in his life is constructed to have him play basketball and to stay on the court and to be as healthy as possible and to absorb punishment when he goes into the basket and he gets crushed by people.

James’ pride in his physical condition is proving worthwhile, as he continues to perform at an incredibly consistent rate. In Cleveland’s victory against the Toronto Raptors, James notched 21 points, 8 rebounds, and 7 assists in 39 minutes of play.