It was Tristan Thompson’s turn to take home Larry. Thompson took the NBA Championship trophy home to Toronto for the past couple of days and showed him around town. He even met some of the fans at Tim Hortons as Thompson followed in the steps of Pittsburgh Penguins player Sidney Crosby.

Apparently, Thompson took the trophy to meet one of the Toronto Raptors’ superfans, Nav Bhatia, per Joe Vardon of

Come to think of it, Thompson is the only Canadian to win an NBA championship at least in part at the Raptors’ expense. And there he was, showing off the trophy not only to the Raptors’ biggest fan, but to, well, all of them.

“Oh man, ‘Superfan,’ he thanked me for bringing the trophy to Toronto,” Thompson said in a phone interview. “But then he said, ‘you know, Larry (O’Brien trophy) likes being in Toronto so much, why don’t you just leave it here and the Raptors will take it next season?’ He’s funny.”

Don’t worry, Thompson defended the trophy and it’s coming back to Cleveland.