When it was reported that Cleveland Cavaliers‘ center Tristan Thompson was dating Khloe Kardashian, Cavs fans understandably worried. After seeing players like Kris Humphries, Lamar Odom, and James Harden be accompanied by the enormous distraction that is the Kardashian family, fans thought Thompson was headed down the same path. The couple had been seen together in public quite a few times and there were even proposal rumors circling around that came out to be fake. The Cavs young workhorse, however, may have had this story end before it could really begin.

If you just look at the professional athletes that have been linked romantically to the Kardashians, there is always a drop off in production or play in general. Take Lamar Odom for example. There had been some decline during his relationship with Khloe, but after their divorce, the former Lakers’ star’s completely fell apart and even starting using some extremely hard drugs.

But what prompted this sudden break up between the two former lovebirds? According to Media Takeout (h/t Barstool Sports), Tristan Thompson ended their relationship because he could not take the constant teasing and tormenting he was receiving from his teammates. It has been reported that a popular nickname for Tristan in the locker room was “Tristan Kardashian.” It seems that the whole team has been constantly teasing him with that and it looks like he could not take it anymore. Tough luck for Khloe but on the bright side, Cavs fans can rest easy knowing there is one less distraction present on Cleveland’s quest rep repeat as NBA Champions.