It is now July 9, and Tristan Thompson and the Cavs have still not come to an agreement on a contract that would keep the rebounding machine in Cleveland.

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Thompson, who is a native of Canada and plays for the Canadian National Team, may reportedly interest in signing a short team deal with the Cavs to have the option to play for…wait for it… the Toronto Raptors!



Of course, this is all speculation from a lot of unnamed sources, which we hate, but Thompson’s love for his native Canada should not be ruled out. Former San Antonio Spurs guard Cory Joseph, who is Canadian, played with Thompson on their National Team, and is a very good friend of his, just signed a deal with the Raptors. Thompson would be looking to that and thinking about how much he’d love to play with the guy. That would mean, however, that he would have to leave Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love, and more importantly LeBron James.

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