The Cleveland Cavaliers defeated the New York Knicks for the second time this season on Friday night in a come from behind win at Madison Square Garden. After the game, Tristan Thompson, who was arguably the Cavs most important player on the floor finished with four points and 10 rebounds, but of the 10 Cavs players who saw game time, Thompson had the third best plus/minus of +9.

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He had his good moments on the glass, but he also had a bit a surprising moment when New York’s Lou Amundson came out of nowhere to block his wide open dunk cleanly.

After the game, Thompson was asked about playing through frustration, and he took a shot at Amundson in the process.

The quote went viral, and Thompson immediately know he made a mistake in the way he spoke to the media. He apologized to Amundson via Twitter.

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That should put to rest this little incident between the two players, although frankly, it was all Tristan Thompson.