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Trade Grade: 5 Reasons Timofey Mozgov Was Worth The Picks

David Zalubowski | Associated Press

4. Protected First Round Picks? Eh, Whatever

First round picks are great; but looking at the details of the picks, the Cavs aren’t missing out on too much:

The pick from the Thunder, now headed to the Nuggets, is protected and will remain with the Thunder should it fall in the Nos. 1 to 18 range.

The other draft pick was acquired via the Memphis Grizzlies and also is covered with various protections.

In addition, the Cavs will receive two 2015 second-round picks, Denver’s right to the less favorable of Chicago’s second-round selections and Portland’s second-rounder.

-Sam Amico of Fox Sports

Essentially, these protected picks aren’t guaranteed to foster any intangible youth talents. One of the picks is through the Oklahoma City Thunder, a team that may be in question for the Western Conference playoffs, but will likely remain in the top 18. In what seems to be bland draft that doesn’t boast any steals past the first 15 picks, this isn’t the worst loss Cleveland could’ve endured. In addition, the other pick, through the Memphis Grizzlies, will likely be divided into two second round picks in 2017. The Cavs ultimately didn’t overpay for Mozgov because of the franchise’s win-now mentality.

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