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We’re now into February, and with the trade deadline just a few weeks away, the front offices of NBA teams are more active than any other time in the year. While the Cavaliers have made their fair share of trades in early January, where they acquired J.R. Smith and Iman Shumpert from the New York Knicks and Timofey Mozgov from the Denver Nuggets, many feel that the Cavaliers are a simple point guard away from a very good chance at a championship. With Cleveland being basically two-deep at every position, we count down the top trade/ acquisition options for the Cavs that would put them over the top. We start with number 5:

5. Jameer Nelson

Although unlikely, Cleveland could attempt to bring in Jameer Nelson from the Denver Nuggets. HE signed with the Mavericks as the starting point guard on a championship contending team, but was traded for Rajon Rondo, leaving him on a weak Celtics’ squad. That tenure didn’t last too long as he was quickly shipped to Denver in a trade that has allowed him some playing. Despite Nelson being 32 years old, he has always been able to run the offense as well as score the basketball at will. Bringing Nelson to Cleveland would be a welcome addition to the lineup.

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4. Jordan Farmar

Jordan Farmar also signed with a contender in the Los Angeles Clippers, but was let go last month after reportedly not liking his role on the bench. Farmar was told in the offseason he would take on the Darren Collison-type role the Clippers had last year, but managed just 14.7 minutes per game. Now a free agent, Cleveland could explore bringing Farmar in if they deem him a good fit. He has NBA Finals experience with the Los Angeles Lakers from 2008-2010, where he was a key contributor to the two-time NBA Champions.

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3. Ramon Sessions

Former Cavalier Ramon Sessions has bounced around the league as a backup point guard the past couple of seasons. He’s been with the Lakers, Bobcats, Cavaliers, and now the Kings, where he is being severely outplayed by starter Darren Collison. With the Kings playing second-year player Ray McCallum more, Session has been quietly waiting on the trade block. He would be an excellent backup to Kyrie Irving, who plays more than 37 minutes per game. Sessions is fully capable of orchestrating an offense and can get to the basket as well as the free-throw line at will.

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2. Mo Williams

Williams knows his way around Cleveland, and would be returning as a former Cavs All-Star. He has also played with LeBron extensively, so any chemistry would likely be resolved quickly. At this phase of his career, Williams would likely embrace playing for a contender, even if it meant playing fewer minutes behind Kyrie Irving. In case you missed it, Williams is currently tied for the second highest scoring game this season with Klay Thompson at 52. That’s right, he went off for 52 points in a road game against the Indiana Pacers. Minnesota isn’t winning any more games because of him, other than his 52 point explosion earlier this year, so they may be enticed by some young assets and draft picks. Needless to say, Williams will be a great fit for the Cavaliers.

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1. Norris Cole

The Cleveland State star turned two-time NBA champion alongside LeBron James in Miami could probably be the most likely player wearing the Wine & Gold while leading the Cavaliers’ second team offense if a trade happens. Miami reportedly has him on the trading block due to Chalmers and Napier consuming most of the minutes. Cole just does not have much of a role on the Heat this year. He is having the least productive season of his career, his first without LeBron James leading his team, and most of that is due to lack of playing time. LeBron has publicly praised Cole’s game making this trade option slightly more likely than one for Mo Williams. Cole has Cleveland connections and a history with James. While Williams may be a better player, Cole, due to age and potential could be a better fit not just because of his chemistry with James, but because of the future as well. He could help the Cavs throughout the playoffs since he knows what its like to win a title, but also be a long term member of the roster. He is in the final year of his contract and could look to get a big deal in the offseason as a starter, so it would be a gamble to trade for Cole.