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Top 5 Things The Cavs Will Need To Overcome On The Road

Zydrunas Ilgauskas

Steve Dykes/Getty Images

5. Potential Depth Issues Due to Fatigue or Injury

The NBA season is actually quite long, at 82 games. For the Cavs, assuming they are able to improve as a unit and come back from their 1-3 record, this means that some players will get rest later-on in the season. It is very possible that Coach Blatt will sit some players toward the end of the season, when/if the playoff seeding is already decided. In addition, it is very possible that we could see Blatt sit out LeBron, Kyrie, or KLove on the second night of back to back games to get them some extra rest. Injuries are also inevitable, meaning that the bench players will be relied on to step up and perform when their number is called. The combination of fatigue and injury exposes potential depth issues that the Cavs have, since there is a sudden drop-off between the starting five and their backups. Blatt also lacks trust in his bench players, as he only brought 3 players off the bench in the Cav’s 102-100 loss to the Utah Jazz. Instead of giving the sitting Dellavedova’s playing time to another player off the bench, he gave extra minutes to all the starters, which definitely made them more tired than usual. In order for the Cavs to succeed this year, the players will have to earn Blatt’s trust and show him that they can step up and contribute. This will come in handy especially when the Cavs are in need of fresh legs later-on in the season.

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