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Top 5 Lineup Rotations Coach Blatt Could Use

AP Photo/Mark Duncan

1. Small Ball

PG – Kyrie Irving
SG – Dion Waiters
SF – Mike Miller
PF – LeBron James
C – Kevin Love

This is probably the Cavaliers most explosive lineup. A combination of Waiters, Irving, Love, James, and a wing player like Mike Miller will create a very unique group of floor spacing defensive scorers. Yes, it will be that good. All five of these guys can score in the paint, or from deep. A concern from this group is Mike Miller and Kevin Love’s defensive abilities, which should not be overlooked. After 3 injury-prone years in Miami, Miller re-discovered himself in Memphis, shooting lights out while also playing very consistent defense. That being said, Mike Miller is already 36, so look for Blatt to substitute Joe Harris in for Miller as the season progresses, especially since Harris is already a great 3 and D player as a rookie. The main issue with this lineup is a blessing in disguise, where the lack of a true big to clog the paint actually creates more open lanes to the rim for Waiters, Irving, and James. KLove’s dangerous shooting will draw the opposing center out to the three point line, leaving the paint even more exploited. If the opposing big decides to crash the paint to defend, the driving player can kick the ball to KLove in the corner for a easy three pointer. This lineup is the pinnacle of the Cavalier’s offseason additions.

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