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Top 5 Lineup Rotations Coach Blatt Could Use

David Liam Kyle/NBAE via Getty Images

2. Defensive Unit

PG – Matthew Dellavedova
SG – Kyrie Irving
SF – Shawn Marion
PF – LeBron James
C – Anderson Varejao/Tristan Thompson (Depending on matchup)

The combo guards of Dellavedova and Irving will be a nightmare matchup for any opponents due to their quickness and awareness. In addition, LeBron has played many minutes at the power forward spot with success, so he will definitely be able to step up the pressure. Also, a power forward guarding LeBron is a definite mis-match, which will pad up LeBron’s box score. Anderson Varejao will, as always, be the power source with his intangible energy and effort. Perhaps Tristan Thompson can flourish in certain matchups when he’s surrounded by the right players. He also presents a better defensive option than Kevin Love, although that may change as the season goes on and KLove becomes more comfortable with Blatt’s defensive schemes. Playing Dellavedova also gives Kyrie some time off the ball, which he will take advantage of, as he shot over 40% last season from three point range when off the ball. While this lineup is very appealing, there is one group of players that will be even more impactful.

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