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Top 5 Lineup Rotations Coach Blatt Could Use

Joe Robbins/Getty Images North America

3. LeBron James with 3-point shooters

PG – Joe Harris
SG – Mike Miller
SF – James Jones
PF – LeBron James
C – Kevin Love

LeBron will definitely want to have the ball in his hands at different points in the game, and this seems to be the most likely lineup Blatt will use with LeBron in those moments. Harris, Miller, and Jones will all be dangerous wing weapons. Love cannot be forgotten, as he averaged over six three point attempts per game last season. LeBron will have his choice of shooters to pass to. This lineup is a crazy floor spacing scoring option, and it will truly stretch defenses. An issue that may arise on the other side of the court, as none of the shooters surrounding LeBron are prominent defenders. Additionally, on any night, if the threes aren’t falling, this lineup will be vulnerable. Therefore, I only see Blatt using this lineup in short spurts, to change things up a bit and throw off defenses.

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